Dr. Michelle Brisman

Extensively experienced in all aspects of Clinical Neuropsychology, Dr. Brisman joined the staff at Mt. Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital and St. Francis Behavioral Health Group in 2005. Since then, she has worked with both their​ in-patient rehabilitation and out-patient behavioral health teams, assisting individuals with various neurological disorders — including moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury, concussion, and stroke, as well as Multiple Sclerosis, brain tumors, and dementia — by providing the comprehensive cognitive and psychosocial assessments and leading-edge therapies essential for optimal wellness and independence. ​​​Additionally, she has been involved in assessing psychological stability for spinal cord stimulation trials​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ and working with those on the Acquired Brain Injury Waiver, both excellent programs serving the critical needs of those with brain and spinal cord injuries. 
Recently, Dr. Brisman expanded her commitment to helping
those with significant neuropsychological needs by opening her own office in West Hartford. A longstanding dream, her private practice is dovetailing nicely with her ongoing efforts at Mt. Sinai and the St. Francis Behavioral Health Group — both complementing and
enhancing the care she can provide to all of her patients, 
while minimizing wait times for much-needed 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dr. Brisman received her B.A. in Psychology from
Binghamton University in 1989, and in 1996 she was
awarded her Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Health
Psychology from Yeshiva University. Having concentrated
her clinical and research work on the psychosocial impact
of medical disorders on patients and those who serve
as their support system, she is uniquely suited to meeting
the needs of individuals and families struggling with
ongoing neurological disorders — as well as the aftermath
of acute neurological events. 

But while Dr. Brisman's knowledge and experience are both extensive and proven, it is her innate​ c​ompassion as a daughter, sister, aunt, wife, mother (and yes, dog Mom!) that drive her desire to ​transform disabilty into ability — and hope into reality for as many of her patients as possible. Indeed, she is often heard reminding those she is both encouraging and empowering, "Whenever you find youself doubting how far you can go, remember how far you have come."​​